It Can't Be About The Money

It can't be about the money. This is real important. When you create a Lincoln Memorial Complete Collection, you have dipped into the world of in-circulation coins, and thus experienced the closest to "unsearched" coins you'll ever find. If, along with that incredible and revitalizing experience, you include the 7 Attentions Exercise and Time Footprint Technology, you will have a mind-blowing timeless time, and if you do it every day, you'll discover that it emphatically is NOT about the money. But a few extra bucks to cover expenses wouldn't hurt...??? Want much more serious money? It'll cost more to make more...but you knew that. For bigger bucks, sell Liberty Busts (Braided & Coronet) this week, at the XF-40 level. Want to search coins for free, stick with Lincoln Mems.