Don't Make Me Think

Don't Make Me Think!!! The battle-cry of the Great Unwashed. They'll pay absolutely any price to avoid making decisions, finding out about things, going places off their cattle-path life-tracks and in general, doing anything with that brain Great Nature gave them as a sort of practical joke on a gigantic scale. What you're doing with coin collections is merely sorting the coins, grading the coins and organizing the coins, all at once, meanwhile cherry-picking the hot high-end items out of the general bash. Give the GP (general public) a bag with only the needed coins in it, and they'll still have the bag, untouched, in a closet somewhere, at the end of their lives. Why? Because it's not what they do. They don't HAVE to learn coin stuff in order to collect it. All they have to do is look for the word "Collectible" or, if they happen to live in England or on eBay, it's "Collectable". Where's the payoff for the in-circulation coin dealer? Why, in the marketing, dummy. Where else? Certainly not in the coin!