Objective Prayer Today

Objective Prayer is the specific action taken to arouse the Shekinah and to announce oneself in that Presence. Once the Shekinah is present, the tech you learned using the Oracle Orbs will come in handy. How is the Shekinah raised using coinology? Once you have the rhythm of the coinology coin search, with the appropriate background sounds, it is possible that the Shekinah will make an appearance; this will generally be experienced as a space-change in which the hands and arms seem to have a life of their own, and they also seem very, very large . impossibly large, light-years across. There will be other Signs, not necessarily Cosmic . such as a tingle at the back of the neck. This is the time to make your contact and any appeal or question you might have in mind for this Close Encounter with the Shekinah. Such encounters are not all that rare, if you.re a steady coinology practitioner. Sooner or later the Spirit comes over you, and that.s what you.re after, right?