3 Amigos

I have in hand three completely full collections of Lincoln Cents. One of them goes from 1909 to 1958 -- it includes all the Wheat-backs, and the bulk of the key dates. The second is from 1909 to 2012 and it includes all ordinary in-circulation issues. The third contains all "proof-only" coins and was the hardest to collect and a nightmare to load into the album because they're mirror-proofs and even gloved hands cause some damage.

In my opinion, inclusion of the "proof-only" coins is a complete misunderstanding of what the word "proof" means -- totally unhandled.

Prosperity Path Coin Search is a Paranormal Activity. That's what makes them different from ordinary coin searches. I go for the spirit, not the cash. To me, each coin connects with a Soul (Soul1) that can be helped along its Spiritual Path by passing through the hands and receiving through this copper coupling factor the guru's grace. It's one way that I work for the benefit of all beings everywhere. Think of the coins as beads in a mala, and you'll get it.

The thing that makes these collections unique is that they were "challenge builds", meaning that the coins are all self-collected and hand-searched by me. The only "bought coins" in the collections are all but one of the key coins -- I found a 1909-s VDB a few months back, and it's in the collections being offered.

Please note: conditions of the coins vary widely from G-4 all the way up to GEM BU, because they are self-found and not bought. I had no control over the grade or the features of any of the coins. They are exactly as I found them.

No coins are missing, every coin called for in the album is present. I do not include the 1955 doubled die mint error because most collectors realize it should be slabbed and purchased separately as there is no place in the album for it -- however, the 1922 Plain mint error is included, as are the 1909s-VDB, 1909s, 1914d, 1931s and all semi-keys, some in surprisingly good condition for having still been in circulation!!!

  • 1909-1958 -- $3,500
  • 1909-2012 -- $4,500
  • 1909-2012 --$5,500

I want to point out that the purchase of the key coins was what made the albums the price they are; without the keys and semi-keys, I could let the albums go for the price of the binding and a couple of bucks for the pennies, but I can't. The key dates and semi-keys bring the cost of a basic Lincoln album way up. Here's how it shakes down with just VF grades in the key slots:

  • 1909s VDB -- $1200-$1400 for anything recognizable
  • 1909s -- $950 for a decent one
  • 1914d -- $200-$400 for something that looks like an actual coin
  • 1922 plain -- $850-$950 for a nice strong reverse, from trusted source, many counterfeits
  • 1931s -- $650 for anything with clout

Do the math and you'll see just how fast it adds up. Then figure in the semi-keys at anywhere from $50 to $160 apiece, and wham! You're at the numbers I'm quoting as a selling price, leaving plenty of room for resale.

Of course, if I merely buy and resell sets, I can make them look much better; my resale sets are XF-GEM BU from front to back and sell for $12,500 with proofs. If you're an eBay dealer, you should not be buying unslabbed sets, so this would not be good for you, due to the flood of "switcharoo" scams being run there of late.

My slabbed set was $27,500 and is no longer available. It takes me about a year to assemble a good one with a lot of bling. On these, resale is highly improbable; in ten years, it could go up in a 1 hour auction and bring megabucks, IMHO.

Total for all three? No discount. They are priced within $100 of my actual cost. I charge nothing for labor because I don't have to.

If you are interested in one, two or all three of these hand-searched Lincoln Cent collections, call or email me. I won't put them up on brutal eBay to be raided and torn apart for the key coins, because that's what the dealers do. These are magical collections of coins that came to me and passed through my hands in the course of nightly Magic Find coin searches.

I didn't put up photos, because there's no coin in there that's going to take First Prize at the Coin Show. They're ordinary or less than ordinary looking coins, but they came to me after 100 years in circulation, and that's got to count for something! If you really must see photos, I'll take them and post them on a private url. Remember, this is not for the general public, so don't tell your friends. I'm serious.