Academy of Coinology Coin Matrix

You will be using the COIN MATRIX to Upgrade the Essential Self and to contact the Inner Selves, Parallel Universe Personae and Hidden Masters for help and Divine Guidance on your Path to Perfection.

First Precept of Coinology: "The grade of a coin can't be changed, but the SLOT can be upgraded."

Thing is, in a COIN MATRIX, it's not always wise to upgrade. I'll explain:

The COIN MATRIX works like a ladder. There are lower rungs and middle rungs and higher rungs and eventually, at the top, a plateau of Clear Light and some Mostly Clear-ish Light as well.

If all the coins were high-grade, there would be no access, no ability to work one's way up the ladder, no passage from lower to higher levels, see???

So the coins are assembled and arranged in a variety of grades from lower to higher, to allow passage, not necessarily in a straight line.

It isn't always true that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points, and you can bet your sweet lightspeed on that! Remember, e=mc2 isn't just a good's The Law.

The MATRIX is fixed, but it can be traversed and a path can be threaded through it. Sometimes the path is twisted, convoluted and warped in this free-standing 3-D matrix, in order to make the Cabalistic Notation String come out right.

How a Coin Matrix is made

I'll try to explain how a COIN MATRIX is made and how it works:

I assemble all 144 RARE coins necessary to complete a collection, making certain that they are as close as possible to each other in grade, look, feel and eye-appeal, but at the same time ignoring this under unusual circumstances, such as a coin "simply HAS TO" get into THAT particular collection, usually because his or her buddy or buddies is -- or are -- shipping out together to that off-shore outfit somewhere overseas -- sailing on a Wave of Improbability upon an Ocean of Uncertainty, as my friend Toni Lilly used to say.

The selection of coins for each collection is very intense and can take several weeks or months to complete. The coins MUST be compatible with each other in order to work and function along a string of fixed points, or "Chambers", placed at crux points within the Eternal Matrix which humans would call "The Mother of All Universes".

Each coin is given due consideration regarding the condition in which it "made it" to the School. It is then organized into the correct group for its work-potential. This Examination is Final. The coin is either "in" or "out", but could work in another group, so it might be held in abeyance, especially if it is a semi-key date.

I think of this first heap of "candidate" coins as a kind of "Holding Company", meaning that the recruits all stay together until the entire company has formed, which is to say, "The-Grunts-Have-Arrived-From- Basic-Training, After An All-Too-Long 10-Day Chirstmas Leave with Family".

You will note the following. Here are the Philadelphia dates. Do the math with me:

1958-1910 = 48

Less the 1922 Plain, which is a Denver Mint Error, not a Philadelphia Mint: 47

Plus the two 1909 coins in the Series, the '09 and the '09 VDB: 49 Philadelphia Mint coins in the set.

Plus the 95 Key and Semi-Key Dates, and you have a total of 144 coins in all contained within the COIN MATRIX.

That makes a total of how many issues of Philadelphia minted coinage from 1909 through 1958?

If you said "49", you'd be right; coincidentally, after the Clear Light Readings, that's the exact number of readings in the American Book of the Dead.

All 52 included coins (49 Days of Passage + 3 Days of Clear Light) are then laid out in sequence, and each coin is fumigated over a special blend of incenses which I have used for many decades, and which was used at Cosmo, Norton Street and Red House.

Now the KEY and SEMI-KEY mint-marked coins are fumigated and laid out to the right of each Philadelphia Prime Date, in the sequence, "P-D-S" as called-for in the album.

In some years, the Denver and San Francisco mints did not produce the Lincoln Cent, and this is taken into consideration when building the COIN MATRIX.

After this first fumigation, the coins are temporarily placed into the "Holding Company" paper folder, filed according to date and mint-mark.

When all the "recruits" are present, meaning that all the coins necessary for the completion of the collection are there, they undergo individual "Training", which involves an expert CLEANSING, both to purify them before they enter the Matrix, and at the same time, to expose their True Gradation of Reason, after which they can be properly evaluated from the point of view of their use in the Matrix.

Cleansing The Coin Matrix

CLEANSING is the key operation for these coins to be dedicated and consecrated as CONTACT POINTS between the Operator (that's you) and the Higher Masters, Angelic Entities, Parallel Universe Personae, and even departed spirits who of course still exist in other lineages of reality, whom you might wish to contact.

I acquired this SECRET method of CLEANSING coins without destroying their patina from my Uncle Cliff, who worked for many years at his father-in- law's shop, "Levitan's Jewelry" on 47th St. in New York City from 1934-74, where he invented the expandible wedding ring for which he was paid just his ordinary wages -- he often cleaned, toned and polished many important coin collections of the day to earn some extra money.

In those days, cleaning, toning and polishing coins was a must, for several reasons, the first of which was to make the coins as beautiful as possible, given their condition. Enhancement? Sure, call it enhancement, if combing your hair, brushing your teeth and putting on clothing and a little makeup are enhancements.

The second reason is that CLEANSING and PURIFYING reveals the actual grade of the coin -- it removes KARMA -- those gritty and destructive layers of "shmutz" that give the impression of the coin being at least two grades higher than it actually is; the added height of the dust preserves the impression of a much higher grade coin that existed sometime in the past and, like a persisting ghost, the built-up dust layers give the coin added life.

Total obsession with the preservation of surface dust is a product of coin marketing today. The dust can literally be blown off the surface with a compressed air can used for cleaning computer guts, without disturbing the coin's grade or condition.

Museums regularly and routinely perform conservation on their ancient and vintage collections, because they don't need to retain their dusty surfaces - - they're never going to go to the open trade market again, so they don't need to "prove" themselves as authentic. Of course, properly provenanced pieces don't need to prove their age or authenticity.

In the old days, these copper pennies weren't worth millions of dollars -- well, they aren't now, either, but people are willing to PAY millions of dollars for a single coin.

It was very different then; the Chinese weren't making forgeries of U.S. antique and vintage coins, thus flooding the market with junk metal in copper, silver and gold. There weren't those horrible coin channels spewing out crap from everywhere into the deposit boxes of millions of suckers.

The only way the coin marketers can determine if a coin has probably not been meddled with or might be genuine, is to examine the patina and dust.

As a former Egyptian, Roman and Greek Arts Curator and before that a former antiques and antiquities dealer, I can tell you that layers of patination and weathering are no proof of age or authenticity!!!

Three weeks of burial in camel dung in any desert and I'll show you a coin with AGE!!!

And these days, anyone with a cheapo computer and a $45 printer can create a totally credible Certificate of Authenticity. I print mine right here at my desk, and I print labels for my own brand of slabbed coin. The certificate is only as good as the honesty and integrity of the author.

When printing was horrifically expensive, and printers demanded proof of authenticity before printing gold-leafed and embossed Certificates of Authenticity, it made sense, but when everyone has a printer at their desk and it prints in colors and even lays down holographic images, all bets are off the table.

So, because the CLEANSING and PURIFICATION are the MOST important of all the TEN DIFFERENT ALCHEMICAL PROCESSES the coins must undergo to be of use in the COIN MATRIX, it is handled with great care and precision. I personally cleanse all the coins for the matrices at this time, but will be training initiates to do this very soon.

My method of CLEANSING includes a non-intrusive Purification Process which scours away the layers of corruption without disturbing the ACTUAL patination in any way.

The only difference visually is that you will see the coin as it really is.

CLEANSING does not "restore" the original look or grade. It merely removes SOME of the clouded veil of encrusted corruption that is a result of exposure to organic life on Planet Earth.

CLEANSING and PURIFICATION are totally necessary before the coin can enter a SACRED SPACE. Only a fully and correctly CLEANSED coin be used for ceremony or ritual purposes.

The process of CLEANSING eats up much of my precious time, but it is so important that it be done right and under the correct ritual conditions.

I will be teaching this SECRET method of CLEANSING and PURIFICATION to advanced pupils, and will also perform this task myself as long as I am able.

Assembly of Coin Matrix

After the initial RITUAL CLEANSING and PURIFICATION process, the coins are then removed from the paper place-holder and fitted carefully into the Chambers appropriate to their date and mint-mark, with the notable exception of the 1922 Plain, which represents the Highest and is therefore "Never Manifest", always maintained in Pure Spirit, meaning that the 1922 Plain is NOT included in this type of collection, the empty chamber is left open.

The remaining Chambers are arranged in rows on the page, representing Hallways, exactly as presented in the ABD (American Book of the Dead).


You can touch it, feel it, hold it -- this 3-D model of the ABD is totally CONFRONTABLE, you can communicate with it, through it, beyond it.

The Chambers and Hallways of this 3-D MODEL of the ABD can be traversed, communicated with, and personally experienced, just as they are in the Real World. These effects and more can be produced through interaction with the Purified and Activated COIN MATRIX.

Each "coin" when viewed from the Full Dimension of Cosmo or Norton Street Levels of Consciousness and Gradations of Reason, can be seen to be a pulsating glowing sphere of light in a dark-energy form filled with galaxies and nebulae, self-luminous and self-conscious, capable of easily remaining in balance while manifesting The Clear Light.

This is the Ultimate Test of a coin within the COIN MATRIX: Does It Work???

Each "coin" or sphere is tended BY YOU in its own chamber, prepared for its job in the Work Matrix and purified by your efforts on its behalf. It's like gardening; you must see that the coins receive what they need, just like plants -- coins have their equivalents to the needs of young plants. They need their own version of light, shade, water, food, a bit of music and an occasional blessing.

These are provided in the method indicated on my DVD, included in the package, regarding the care and use of COIN MATRIX.

The MATRIX within the COIN MATRIX is set up by arranging Pages in order of numerical significance; I do this when I set up the COIN MATRIX for YOUR use.

Tuning the Coin Matrix

The individual coins are attuned by rotation to individual parallel worlds and the cross-patterns within the Pages create the opportunity to thread strings of numbers and letters into crypto-addresses along the lines of the Cabala.

Each coin is oriented in its slot, or Chamber. Some are slightly tilted, some are straight, depending on degree of die rotation, etc. within the coin's double energy field, expressed as sculpted intaglio obverse, reverse & quantum-active induction ring, the flat, wide rim.

Now the entire COIN MATRIX is set upright so that the top faces upward; it is then oriented so that the faces are facing Magnetic North, not Geographic North, and thoroughly fumigated, smudged and in other ways purified with oils, incenses, candles, balsams, powders, washes and, of course, prayer.

It is at this point that the BETA BLOCKERS in the CQR RADIO WAVE ANTENNA ARRAY are placed within The COIN MATRIX at appropriate Power Points and the MATRIX is then removed from the orienting compass mountings, nearly ready for testing and use.

The COIN MATRIX is then tuned to its new owner and placed upright into its holding gripper within the COIN MATRIX; after which, protective black tourmaline crystals are inserted into the lower corners of the COIN MATRIX.

Here, within the COIN MATRIX, your coins will remain collectively and individually within the Matrix of the COIN MATRIX, awaiting Perfection through YOUR actions of Activation, Cleansing, Prayer and Personal Purification, Fasting and other important "Upgrading" actions on their behalf, thus also acting upon the micro-cosmic selves within yourself.

In this way, you can reach and help those many parts of yourself which have, through repeated exposure to organic life, become corrupted atrophied.

You can't re-program your Essential Self through direct means, but through the medium of the COIN MATRIX you CAN see, feel and contact your Higher Self and using this tool, realize your own Transcendent States of Consciousness.

Through daily acts of selfless service working ACTIVELY through the COIN MATRIX for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere, you can earn Merit, and therefore a permanent Place in The Work.

Once recognized as a Member of the Work, you are under the umbrella of The Work, and The Work Takes Care of its Own, meaning you get whatever you ACTUALLY NEED to carry on whatever ACTUAL share of The Work you are able and willing to ACTUALLY PERFORM.

Myself, I end up with just slightly under what I need, but I make it up in volume.

Each coin has been activated and Cabalistically notated and inter-connected, so that it now represents some ordinarily undetectable, indeterminate and uncontactable part of yourself which can now be "called" through its specific IDENTITY, which is a convenient apparency evoked by its own unique combination of letters, numbers and grade.

"CALLING" is a way of using the "address" or "name" of an entity as a means of ... well, of ringing them up. I use this function to test your new COIN MATRIX as an Altar Item.

Gradations of coinage are arranged by Tiers, Levels and Choirs, with different coin grades at entry points and "weak spots". Exactly HOW this is done is covered in the initiate training and ONLY in the initiate training. Mastery of this TEN-STEP essentially Alchemical Process could take months or years.

The letter and numeric significance of the coin, taken along with its grade, or "Gradation", is what gives the coin its power to act as a trans- dimensional "Switchboard" between you and the Hidden Masters of Wisdom.

The numbers and letters can be woven into an algorhythm to create specific Cabalistic anagrams and "Magic Squares" or "Acrostics", and that's precisely how the whole thing works.

If not for the mint-marks, we would not be able to use the coins in this way. The letters bracketed between the Philadelphia Mint coins makes it possible to create powerful anagramatic names and symbols on each and every coin.

Think of it as a 3-D chessboard with a lot of pieces, one on each square except for the areas designated as Hallways, Cathedrals and Towers, represented in POG VIDEO GAME TRAINING as streets, alleys, buildings, hallways, etc.

The dimensions can be expressed as: "Upness, Downness, Strangeness & Charm". Charm is what causes the Law of Attraction to operate, sometimes when wanted, sometimes not. The Law of Attraction is totally controllable using the COIN MATRIX.

The Choirs are represented by the HORIZONTAL rows of each page. Halls are represented by the spaces between rows. Chambers are represented by the individual coin pockets or slots, and Cathedrals by the Page Section at the spine; the locking head bore-screws that bind the Pages into the Binding serve as wormholes connecting the six-worlds of the COIN MATRIX, four Pages, one Binding and one Slipcase.

The All-Quarters Maintainers are represented by the FOUR DIFFERENT 1909 coins in the set. The "22" Plain Chamber represents the number "4", which is the Four-Letter Name, Tetra-Grama-Ton, "YHWH".

Upgrading a Coin Matrix

From time to time, it might be appropriate to upgrade an individual coin within one or another of the Chambers in your COIN MATRIX, but normally that won't typically happen. The coins in there were selected for their operational value, not their beauty or commercial value.

Upgrades are entirely optional, but can represent an overall improvement of condition of the whole, meaning that through ritual and concentrated meditation and prayer, it has been made into a DIRECT linkage to your own spiritual condition and forms a powerful link between your everyday consciousness and your ever-elusive Essential Self.

Of course it is understood that collections created in this manner and for this spiritual purpose are not intended to be offered for public sale in crass commercial fashion; however, they may be traded between Work Circle Members, keeping them within the Work Circle, never in the Marketplace of the Profane.


WHEAT set from 1909 to 1958 -- with ONLY ONE EXCEPTION, the 1922

Plain, which is a Denver Mint error resulting from a filled mint-punch; it is not a Philadelphia Mint coin, as is commonly believed, and is therefore properly an unintentional product of the Minting process. You will note that the 1922D is in the collection; it is the actual mint issue of that year.

We therefore use that empty hole marked "1922 Plain" -- the only empty hole in the entire album - - to represent that which is Unmanifest, and with the Mystical Number "22", "YHWH" or "YaHWeH", translated into English as "Jehovah".

With this POWER WORD or LOGOS in place, it works perfectly, almost as if it had been ordained by Great Nature that the 1922 Plain be left out of the album for the purpose of our spiritual practice toward The Gathering and Perfection of the Soul ... an urgent task, given the shortness of the span in which we have to work! Fortunately, we can cut a lot of the time with the COIN MATRIX.

I have a total of 4 COIN MATRICES on which I have been working for the past several months.

It takes about six months to assemble a collection; it's hard to believe, but MONEY IS NOT THE ISSUE. These coins are truly hard to find, even if you're willing to pay any price to get them, and I have the best "bloodhound" in the business on it, even as we speak.

Especially difficult are the Key Dates, of course -- 1909S VDB, 1909S,

1914D, 1931S are always hard to find, but those elusive Semi-Key Dates

are getting almost as hard to find and expensive as the Key Dates have

been in the past; notably hard to find nowadays are the low-number mint- marks in the teens, twenties and thirties.

ALL THOSE RARE COINS ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR COIN MATRIX!!! Once again, let's be clear about this:

ALL KEY DATES ARE INCLUDED!!! You get every coin from 1909 to 1958,

which is the entire run of Lincoln Wheats, which come to you in a hardcover album, dated 1909-1958.

I made every effort to use the Lincoln Memorials for the purpose, but they just didn't work. It may have something to do with the wheat back versus the memorial back, but it's my personal belief that the difference is that it's a totally different metal.

The wheat-back Lincoln cent is copper. The Memorial Lincoln cent is, at least after 1982, zinc, with a thin copper coating. Two totally different metals, which behave totally differently, both as metallic elements with quite different surface oxides and molecular matrix, and as energized and stimulated quantum-field plasmas.

My strategy for keeping the price almost affordable is that I obtain very weird, mangled and mysteriously mushed-up, minced, chewed and spat out again Key Date coins, especially the 1909S VDB and 1909S -- they are not very good coins from the perspective of the marketplace, but they are the best for The Job, which is PERFECTION, not personal monetary profit, although the collection as a whole does admittedly have a numismatic value, but I hope you never have to use it to buy your organic survival.

You mustn't sell it!!! You need your COIN MATRIX to contact the Hidden Masters!!!

If you absolutely cannot afford to build this set due to personal circumstances, fear not!

You can substitute lesser coins for the ones you can't get -- I'll show you how to do this very inexpensively and effectively!

Will it work as well as the FULL SET?

Frankly, no, it won't.

But anything is better than nothing, and it will definitely get you part of the way there, until things change sufficiently in your life, so that you are able to manifest more effectively. It's a matter of putting yourself on the RIGHT TRACK, and you can use your COIN MATRIX to do exactly that!

You get FULL INSTRUCTIONS in a DVD that shows you how to use your COIN MATRIX the very first moment you receive it!!!

If you elect to get the full working set, you will discover that your 1909S VDB has SOME defect -- guaranteed.

In some cases, it's just a bit of surface damage or corrosion, but in other cases, the damage is so great that the coin came to me for relatively little, and I can pass the savings on to you. Those "defects" are deliberately sought-after by me, and make the collection much more challenging than if I accepted the usual run-of-the mill stuff you see on eBay.

The condition of the coin has nothing to do with the appearance. Some of these "scorched" coins actually have very high obvious "full wheats", but they are considered ungradeable by the grading companies, for some issue that is obviously important to them for marketing reasons. I simply note that the grading company has deigned to agree that the coin is authentic, and let it go at that. I then crack open the plastic slab and put the coin to use in a working COIN MATRIX.

Bringing The Coin to Life

Actually, cleaning exposes the True Grade, and that's not something the dealers want to see happen. Buildup of dust and dirt makes the detail look deeper and sharper than it actually is.

In addition, cleaning makes the coin AVAILABLE and refreshes the coin, makes the coin more vibrant and alive with the attention it receives during this intense alchemical operation..

I select the coin that's going to work, and that's the bottom line. The fact is that these "Mangled Marvels" are wondrous to behold. I really enjoy them and, as an artist, appreciate them. Even more than that, I truly applaud the fact that, in spite of their condition, they got here, ready to work for YOU!

Collections like this are typically at around $4,500 - $10,500 on eBay. I make these ONLY for our own Work Circle. They will NEVER be offered for public sale by me.