I love EJ's 'holy ordinary' work...transforming the common penny or dime into a magic coin of the 'realms'. -- TM

A little about Coinology?

What is Coinology?

Coinology is the Zen practice of searching in-circulation coins -- most often pennies.

"Coinology will help you train your brain to calm down -- massages your inner state into quietude."--E.J. Gold

What can I expect from Coinology?

Coinology works as a:

  • Meditation practice
  • Attention training (beginning and advanced)
  • Memory trainer
  • Psychic activation
  • Insomnia helper
  • Tool for social integration

Actually the above is a very short list of the many benefits and functions that Coinology can produce.

The seemingly innocent practice of searching in-circulation pennies for mint errors, oddities, rare dates, and brillant coins has a wide variety of benefits.

You will be hard pressed to find anything that can replace the opportunities offered by Coinology.

Please don't believe us, try it. Get in touch and let us help you get started.