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3 Amigos

I have in hand three completely full collections of Lincoln Cents. One of them goes from 1909 to 1958 -- it includes all the Wheat-backs, and the bulk of the key dates. The second is from 1909 to 2012 and it includes all ordinary in-circulation issues. The third contains all "proof-only" coins and was the ... Continue reading

Bought Coins Are Not Found Coins

Self-Found means exactly what it says: these coins were found by a collector during a hand coin search. It doesn't mean you bought them by the dozens from a wholesaler and put them on the sales table with a price-tag. You can produce a Self-Found Lincoln Memorial Full Set in a special album called a ... Continue reading

Coins as Art Objects

EJ Gold with Psychic Home Protection Array Matrix As you probably already know, I collect and create Lincoln Cent Complete Sets with All Keys, but what do I do with the coins that don't fit the category of "coin of worth"??? You probably also already know that it's illegal to alter or mutilate U.S. currency ... Continue reading

Don't Make Me Think!!!

Don't Make Me Think!!! The battle-cry of the Great Unwashed. They'll pay absolutely any price to avoid making decisions, finding out about things, going places off their cattle-path life-tracks and in general, doing anything with that brain Great Nature gave them as a sort of practical joke on a gigantic scale. What you're doing with ... Continue reading

Exact Opposite

The things that constitute a "Perfect Coin" for the average coin collector are the exact opposites of what I'm looking for in an artist's coin. Accident and oxides are my allies in my quest for Rainbows and Other Wonders. If the coins were mint condition, there'd be an almost total absence of oxidation and therefor ... Continue reading

Fighting City Hall

You can't fight City Hall. That's the battlecry of the Great Unwashed; Urban Legend has it that the 800 pound gorilla always wins. Don't believe it for a minute. That's the point of the David & Goliath story in the Bible. Sometimes the Little Guy has a chance. In the case of coin collecting, the ... Continue reading

How Does an Artist Look at a Coin???

How does an artist look at a coin? What does an artist see in a coin? Depends upon the artist, the coin and the circumstances, but what I'll share with you is my own experience as both an artist and a coin expert. Each coin is unique, has its own story to tell, measured by ... Continue reading

Immaculate Coinception

It is said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. That would make Invention the Child or Stepchild of Necessity. In the case of insomnia -- the inability to just lie down and get to sleep -- the necessity is rather severe. The first thing you must do is forgive yourself for not being able ... Continue reading

Introducing "Quantum Contact Coin" Sets

Most folks don't have coins minted in their honor. I wanted to offer an opportunity to acquire coins of interest to spirit mediums and anyone using the Prosperity Path Oracles or Seances. These coins are associated magically with the individuals by a variety of connections and coupling factors, the most obvious of which is the ... Continue reading

It Can't Be About The Money

It can't be about the money. This is real important. When you create a Lincoln Memorial Complete Collection, you have dipped into the world of in-circulation coins, and thus experienced the closest to "unsearched" coins you'll ever find. If, along with that incredible and revitalizing experience, you include the 7 Attentions Exercise and Time Footprint ... Continue reading

Objective Prayer

Objective Prayer is the specific action taken to arouse the Shekinah and to announce oneself in that Presence. Once the Shekinah is present, the tech you learned using the Oracle Orbs will come in handy. How is the Shekinah raised using coinology? Continue reading

OCD Heaven

OCD Heaven, that's what it is. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder strikes dozens of people a day, and they're all living inside you. 7 Attentions Coin Sorting, that's what you want to get hold of and apply to your OCD habits, and it starts with Rule #1 for Lincoln Memorials: There is no reason to collect any ... Continue reading

Overcome Fear, Anger, Anxiety

7 Attentions Coin Search will work to reduce fear, anger and anxiety, simply because you cannot possibly remain in fear, anger and/or anxiety when you engage in this activity; if done correctly, the negative emotions will vanish. It works because when you handle the coins, they automatically quantum-connect you up with their time-line and emotional ... Continue reading

Poor Man's Penny Lottery

If you know how, you can play the Penny Lottery for free. Well, you have to cough up $25 to your local bank to get hold of a bank box of 2500 pennies, but that's the whole investment and if you don't like how it comes out, you can bring the unwanted coins back to ... Continue reading

So Where's The Profit in Lincoln Memorials???

So, where's the profit in Lincoln Memorial cent collections? I thought you'd never ask. (Smiles Knowingly) Why, in the following goodies extracted (cherry-picked) from the mass of coins called a "bank box". Here's the list of high-ticket items you can expect to pull quite regularly from a bank box draw: 1960 small date... but wait; we ... Continue reading