I love EJ's 'holy ordinary' work...transforming the common penny or dime into a magic coin of the 'realms'. -- TM


"You will improve your life luck as you coin search."

"As your coin search improves, your luck improves."

"Bright and shiny is not mint."

"Ignorance is not bliss."

"The more you know the better it will go."

"All my parameters change depending on what I am looking at."

"You can not be in a hurry. Take your time to do the job right."

"If it's anything different from the run of the mill, isolate it, bag it, don't leave it in the mill. Anything different from the run of the mill - don't leave in the mill and this includes You."

"It is done over a long period of time with lots and lots of experience. Like anything of any value it requires an apprenticeship."