Introduction to Quantum Coin Sets

Most folks don't have coins minted in their honor. I wanted to offer an opportunity to acquire coins of interest to spirit mediums and anyone using the Prosperity Path Oracles or Seances. These coins are associated magically with the individuals by a variety of connections and coupling factors, the most obvious of which is the date of the coin.

These are NOT commemorative coinages -- they are Indian-Head and Lincoln Pennies that go all the way back to 1859! I use these rare coins to represent the person, either by birth date, date of death or by association, such as my Old West Outlaws, Old West Lawmen and Quantum Physicists of Note, etc.

Individual names are all the way from Alfred Nobel to Annie Oakley, depending upon availability of the coin. Some dates are prohibitively expensive due to extreme rarity, and I only use them with a special order, favoring the easier (and cheaper) date between birthdate and deathdate.

My hard-cost varies based on the cost of the coin -- these are not "searched" coins, they have to be purchased, and they're not cheap in good condition, none of them are. The presentation box and slipcover are customized by me.

In the package are the following items:

  • 1 or more Lincoln Cent(s) or Indian Head Cent(s) or Braided Liberty Bust Cent(s) with specified date, Good-Very Fine unless otherwise specified.
  • 1 museum-grade archival acrylic capsule and archival retaining ring
  • 2 hand-written gold labels per layout
  • 1 or 2 blue velvet gift presentation box(es) with slipcover(s)

How much are they? Depends on what you want. Some of the single coins are far more expensive than some of the quintuple or triple coin sets, some are very inexpensive, considering what went into them. I'll give you a few glimpses, then it's gonna be eBay all the way. You can order a set with the grade of your choice, anywhere from "okay" to "wowsers!!!".

I also plan to use earlier coinage -- medieval and ancient -- to create powerful clusters of related coins, such as the conspirators behind the assassination of Julius Caesar, as I've already done with the Lincoln Conspirators, although it's a terribly expensive set due to some very hard to find coins and the fact that I had to use the birth dates of the conspirators, since their death dates were obviously the same, which would have resulted in 8 coins all exactly the same.

The Lincoln Conspirators --

Samuel Arnold, 1834-1906; Dr. Samuel Mudd, 1833-1883; Michael O'Laughley, 1840-1867; Edmund Spangler, 1825-1875; Mary Surrat, 1823-1865; Lewis Powell, 1844-1865; David Herrold, 1842-1865; George Atzerodt, 1835-1865 and of course the most notorious of them all, the actor John Wilkes Booth, 1838-1865, who worked at Ford's Theater and was therefore trusted and accepted.

A coin representing the laying of the foundation of the original theater and the restored memorial theater are included in the set. This is a very hard set to achieve because the coins are all birth-dates and are much more expensive and difficult to find in good condition for a fair price. You can reserve a set now.

I have the entire event captured in a blue velvet custom made presentation box -- the box alone cost me $650 to have 24 prototypes made. The coins used are the best I can obtain for the price. A very expensive high-grade set might be available somewhere in the $650,000 range and would require a year or more to assemble coin by coin.

Acquisition cost of the set that I have already assembled is far, far less...

It includes coins representing the conspirators, the date of assassination, April 14, 1865 -- and covers details of the conspirators' meetings, plans and attack on other members of government on that night; and of course the events leading to the public hangings.

The present set is priced at only $4500, and boy, is it something!!! I include a breathtakingly beautiful hardcover "Matthew Brady's Civil War" book which has many photos of Lincoln, Grant and others involved in the event.

I'll make individual and set coins available at wholesale wherever I can and you can sell them in shops, at street fairs and of course on eBay!!!

The prices of some key date and semi-key date coins in the Indian Head Cents Collections will stagger you and I won't be able to wholesale them, such as the 1877 Indian Head Penny, but you should really not use that coin for this purpose; find another way to represent whatever or whomever you wish.

You can name a person, place or event and I can match it with a coin, even if no specific commemorative was produced. Very few celebrities end up on the face of a coin unless their publicity agent ordered it from a private mint. I have mastered the art of finding the inexpensive and finest possible coin for this purpose. Coins can be anywhere from bland and ordinary quality all the way to the highest possible grade. I can come up with anything, and you know me -- it'll be at a fair price. My whole purpose is enabling YOU, getting you the tools to empower yourself and prove and improve your skills in life!

Here is a short list of a few items that are available today:

Old West Lawmen -- $225

Wyatt Earp 1848-1909; Wild Bill Hickok 1837-1876; Bat Masterson 1853-1921

Old West Outlaws -- $225

Billy the Kid 1859-1881; Jesse James 1847-1882; John Wesley Hardin 1853-1895

Quantum Mechanics -- $225

Schrodinger, Bohr, Heisenberg, Dirac and Feynman

Gunfight at the OK Corral -- $1250

(often called "the most famous gunfight of all time")

Wyatt Earp 1848-1929, Morgan Earp 1851-1882, Doc Holliday 1851-1887, Billy Clanton 1862-1881, Ike Clanton 1847-1887, Billy Claiborn 1860-1882, Tom McLaury 1853-1881, Frank McClaury 1848-1881 -- because the death dates are the same in three cases, I have used the birth dates of all the men involved. Mounted in Double Presentation Boxes -- "OK Corral Outlaws" and "OK Corral Lawmen".

Because I must use the birth-date coins of the OK Corral gunfighters -- you wouldn't want the coins to read "1881?, "1881?, "1881? would you??? But that's the date of death of the losers of this world-famous gun battle.

Consquently, it runs expensive and difficult to obtain, going well past Indian Head right to Liberty Braided & such. It can get dicey and problematic to find what you want at a reasonable price, but in this time-frame, price is irrelevant -- finding the coin you want is the tricky part.

Here are a few of the individuals, but the list is endless -- I can get you whomever you want in a contact coin. The least expensive solution is a Lincoln coin, but I either own or have access to the coin you want.

Amelia Earhart, Stephen Foster, Nasr-ed-Din, Schindler, Puccini, JEB Stuart, Sakuma Shozan, John Lennon, Lola Montez, Lotta Crabtree, Charles Darwin, Napoleon Bonaparte, St Theresa, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Boudicca, Madonna, Sarah Brightman, anastasia, Marlene Dietrich, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, Josephine Baker, Sherlock Holmes -- you name it, I got it.

Sherlock Holmes -- $225

Three-Coin Set -- Includes a birthdate coin for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, plus first appearance of Holmes in Strand Magazine, and the infamous "Death of Holmes & Moriarty" date coin. I include a photo of the actual flat at 221B Baker Street as it is today -- it's maintained as a museum.

So what are these darn coin thingys supposed to be good for, anyway???

If you run Prosperity Path Orbs, you know what they're good for.

You can find out more about all this stuff on if you wish.

See You At The Top!!!