Collection #1 -- EBONY 1909-1958

A dark and moody collection of blackened and heavily corroded ones -- this

is my personal favorite for a number of reasons, along with Mahogony,

which is as yet unfinished.

The 1909S VDB and 1909S in this COIN SHRINE collection are all-but- totalled, almost unreadable through the caked-on blackened corrosion with which they are completely covered.

They came out of a very strange 1939 collection that spanned three generations of collectors.

All the coins from that set were kept together as a group; they were first fumigated, then cleaned and prepared personally by me, and placed into the "EBONY" COIN SHRINE, as described above.

This was the first collection in this series of COIN SHRINES that I attemped.

It's really tricky to find BADLY CORRODED blackened Key Dates and Semi- Key Dates when the market is looking for Bright & Shiny! You never get to see the blackened ones, because these "shameful" horribles just never get offered in the coin shows or expos, for fear that someone would laugh when they saw them, but I don't laugh, I rejoice -- these are the very droids I'm looking for!!!

See, it's not to save money. It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with which coins CAN accept the Yoke (Yoga) of The Work, and not what they look like, and as is the case with people as well as coins, often "the battered coin is the better coin".

If you fit into that category of walking-wounded battered coinage, you'll doubly appreciate the opportunity given these otherwise doomed and unwanted "crippled" coins. I deliberately use the antique word, "crippled", rather than the current "politically correct" version, which would come out something like "grade-challenged" or worse.

Their fate, if not snapped up from it by me on your behalf, would have been to circulate endlessly from one coin show to another, from one coin album to another, until they ended up getting ground down to P1 Grade in a canvas bag crammed with many pounds of "filler" and "bulk grade" coins.

Without YOUR help, these MANGLED MARVELS stand no chance for an opportunity to CONTRIBUTE to the Greater Good, to act as conduits for Higher Guidance and Angelic Healing of spirit, mind and body, but with your intervention, they CAN be a part of YOUR work!!!

Includes ALL Lincoln Wheat-Back Cents from 1909-1958 including all key dates, semi-key dates including the 1922-D, but with the notable and intentional exclusion of the 1922 Plain; the slot for this is left intentionally open.

$4,500 /// no discounts on this collection /// SORRY, SOLD!!!