Basic Matrix Banks

Here is a rundown on the latest MATRIX Banks:

L-M "El Cheapo" -- $199 -- Just what it sounds like; a Matrix composed of 48 copper-coated zinc disks, with a 6-CQR Wormhole down the middle.

L-W-M "Novice" -- $225 -- Same as above but with a combination of Copper Wheat Disks and Zinc, also with the same 6-CQR Wormhole Effect down the central axion trails.

Goddess -- $950 -- Ancient coins related to various Goddess figures of the ancient world, with a 6-CQR Wormhole.

Empire -- $650 -- Coins of Ancient Empires drilled with a 6-Series CQR Wormhole.

RAM CQR Bank -- $950 -- 54 Self-Powered CQRs arranged in Matrix, programmable through .

Medicine Wheel -- $950 -- 48 Hand-crafted gold-colored "hobby-metal" disks with a 6-CQR Core Drill Wormhole Effect.

Medicine Wheel -- $4,500 -- Same as above, but instead of the hobby metal, this consists of 48 solid .9999 Fine 24k gold disks with a 6-CQR Core. Angelic Helpers -- $950 -- Hobby Metal, hand-crafted scribed disks with angels & id for easy invocation.

Watch for more releases as they happen. All the above Matrix Banks are available now and will ship within 24 hours of receipt of your payment. I pack well, and I pay shipping and insurance anywhere in the world, so that's one thing less to worry about.